Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Ch-ch-ch-change #1 and #2

When I was at my endocrinologist last week he said that if I lost some weight (fat) and gained some muscle, he felt that I could start weaning off of meal time insulin.

That same week I had been thinking about joining some kind of exercise class to give myself a little more motivation. I didn't want to go into the heavy lifting/crazy cardio that I used to do with my personal trainer. I thought maybe yoga or Pilates might be what I would like to do AND would be a little gentler on this arthritic body of mine. God love it ..........my body still works, but it sure does complain a lot.

I tried yoga . . . it's a little to Z(en) for this Type A personality.

I signed up instead for 3 personal training sessions of Pilates.

Today was my second session and was a regular workout like they do in the classes,
but was one on one with a teacher so I can learn the machines and movements.

Even better . . . my BODY likes it.

That's change #1

Change #2 is a yarny change

Look ....it's NOT SOCKS!
It's not even sock weight yarn (although it kind of is --- explanation in a moment.)

I am almost done the Ella Rae lace-weight shawl that I am knitting for Fran's Knitting Boutique.

Who knew "lace weight" yarn could be SO, SO lovely.
(I think it may be a little heavier than a true lace weight --- maybe a light fingering.)

I know it looks like just a pile of stitching right now,
but once it is blocked?
Well, just you wait!!!

And finally, I'd like to introduce you to . . .
...the Rubberband Man.

Yes ...........he ATE one. Yesterday, I was organizing in my room and one of those black stretchy cords that they use to attach a name tag to a skein of yarn fell on the floor. Giroux was batting it around, playing with it and that was fine.

But, then he ATE IT!!


The advice from Pet MD is as long as he is not gagging and is eating, drinking (and pooping) okay we can wait for nature to take its course*. We've given him a few extra "hairball treats" and a dish of pumpkin every day to help things along.  I've been on poop-patrol since last night. So far, no rubber band. Ain't life GRAND!

Get a cat they said. Cats are fun. Cats aren't any trouble.
For the most part that is true.
Right up until they decide to EAT something they shouldn't.

Mr. Rubberband Man says it was a little chewy and didn't have much flavor.

*If Giroux starts showing ANY signs of distress, be assured we will have him at the vet in no time flat. It just does not seem necessary at this point.


  1. I love the color of that shawl. It is my very favorite color of raspberry. It will look amazing when it's blocked!
    I won't be allowed to do much exercise for a while, but I want to try Pilates when I can. All I can do now is walk. I actually like yoga, but won't be able to start that for at least a month.
    Sounds like Giroux is going to be fine. Such a silly boy!

  2. Giroux, don't let your curiosity get you into trouble!

    Love the lace project you're knitting. I started a lace weight project, too, and it's giving me FITS.

    Glad to hear you and your body like Chane #1

  3. Oh Giroux.. this too shall pass... and hopefully easily. Sending Giroux lots of good, poopy thoughts!

  4. Oh, good golly! My cats are obsessed with rubber bands too. If I leave one anywhere they can get it-it's gone. I never thought about them eating them though.
    I can't wait to see your shawl. That is a spectacular color.

  5. Hello, kudos to you for taking the pilates class. The lace weight yarn looks beautiful. I hope all goes well with Giroux and poop patrol will end soon. Enjoy your day!

  6. pets are amazing and stressful when they do stupid things. Lets hope that all is well. My previous dog, Zoe ate half of a dead rotting bird (one gulp). I fretted over all those bones and 'what if'. Nothing happened, she was thrilled to find a partially decomposed bird. Glad you are making progress in your health goals, go you!!!

  7. Oh that raspberry yarn is just luscious! What a fabulous color. Can't wait to see the finished product.

    Cats and rubber bands. What is the attraction? I've never seen a cat who wasn't interested/fascinated with them and yes, I've had a cat or two who has managed to consume one or more. All turned out well. It's the waiting that's difficult.

    Congratulations on the pilates! I don't like pilates, but I love my zen-like yoga (though it is often a real workout and not so zen-like).

  8. Pilates is my choice for exercise too. As for Giroux....I'm sure he'll be fine. That should pass through ok. It seems like we are always on poop patrol with one or the other of my little hooligans.

  9. Like i've told you before Radar would end up throwing them up . Never passed the other way. Hope Giroux gets rid of it soon. I KNOW you will get him to the vet if he is any different. I too love your raspberry jam yarn Dee. My socks are on hold. Im suddenly shawly

  10. I really like Pilates (even though I pretty much suck at it).

    That shawl is going to be amazing - the color is so rich!

    Silly kitty. Why do they want to eat everything ... except their own food????

  11. Oops! Yes, cats and rubber bands are a Thing. Fortunately, they seem to leave my hair elastics alone. (Okay, they bat them off the table, but don't try to eat them.) And you know to keep thread, thin ribbon and (especially!) threaded needles locked up, right?

  12. Never a dull moment when you have a pet hey!

  13. I love how Giroux always looks so innocent though. What?!? Rubberband shmubberband!

    It's funny, this summer as a birthday present to myself I signed up for 3 personal training sessions for Pilates to try and build some core muscles and be kinder to my back. I really liked it to. It's not easy but it's ... more agreeable for me than say Yoga so far. I have taken some group classes now at local studios where I can drop in supplementing my cardio and dance work I like to do. Let's both stick with it as best we can. It's a good change, right?!?

    A shawl?!? who are you? It's beautiful though, really gorgeous. Now if you start knitting in chunky weight yarn, we might have to fly out to FL and check on you, ha!

  14. Oh, Dee, you have such a way with words! I have tears from all the laughter! Enjoy the Pilates-the shawl is fantastic and Giroux was sure you weren't paying him enough attention so......

  15. Glad you chose Pilates; I've been doing it for 10 years and love it. Love that shawl, especially the color, and am looking forward to seeing it finished. Hope it didn't miss the photo!