Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Whiskers on Wednesday

This morning I found myself all alone in a quiet apartment.
It was the perfect time to do a little bit of weeding
in the knitting and cross stitching pattern stash.

I have printed out A LOT of knitting patterns in the last few months.
The sad tale is .......I won't make most of them.

After reading through them, there are a lot of fussy stitches that just aren't my thing.

So .... a big weed out was in the cards.

I used to keep my patterns in the drawer of the television cabinet.
But one day I went in there and found that some had escaped out the back of the drawer
and were now all bunched up underneath the drawer.

To make matters WORSE, the patterns took a whole bunch of loose cross stitch embellishments
(beads, buttons, charms, etc...)
with them on the trip.

All would have been well and good had I been able to release the drawer from it's rails
and just pull it out, scoop up the escapees and get on with life.

It didn't work that way.
The drawer is not removeable.

We had to haul the television hutch away from the wall and remove the 
wooden back to be able to access the mess.

At that point I decided this really wasn't the best place to keep
these hooligan patterns and I found a wicker basket to keep them in.

Today I emptied out the basket and started sorting through the patterns
putting them into KEEP or RECYCLE piles in the living room.

Meanwhile in the dining area......

...someone has decided that the basket makes a pretty good spot for a lie down.

To be fair, this basket was used by Shelby the cat when she visited and Giroux has used it in the past as a bed. But, he stopped using it so I took it for my pattern stash.

Obviously, he wants it back.


  1. Oh Oh! I sense a show down. He's got a pretty serious look on his face too.

  2. Giroux will NOT be denied - lol. So cute in that basket.

    Good for you to do some purging. I need to do that too. When I got back into knitting I started printing out every single pattern I came across (free), then started buying some. I have notebooks and notebooks and you know I will never knit all of that. I need to clean up my act! (I did do the stitching overhaul a couple of years ago. It felt so good!!)

  3. Hello, the basket is a great idea for your patterns. Cute shot of Giroux! Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  4. So funny....isn't that just the way with kitties. They always want what they can't have.

  5. Giroux is always so photogenic!
    I know what you mean about thinking I want to do patterns -- until I print them out and see how fussy they are! Why isn't reading them on the screen enough? I don't know, but it isn't!

  6. Yes, indeed, Giroux wants his basket back,

    My patterns are in notebooks, and I definitely need to weed them out. Those that looked interesting two or theee years ago have lost their luster in my eyes. I need to be realistic on what I will actually knit and toss the rest.

  7. The basket is perfect for Giroux! Sounds like you had a productive morning.

  8. Haha oh Giroux, what a cutie. That is too bad about your patterns getting crumpled up, but good that you found somewhere else to put them, as long as Guroux gives it back!

  9. You better get that boy his own basket!

    I have to do a major organization of the patterns. I've got piles all over the place.

  10. You know I love a good clean out! I have to share my baskets too.

  11. Indian Giver!!! lol
    I love a good pattern clean out and that way you 'discover' tons of ones you forgot about!

  12. Thanks so much for visiting Buttercupland. So glad that you are stopping by and look forward to visiting here often. Your lobster roll suggestion sounds wonderful.

  13. Well ... possession is 9/10ths of the law ... :-)

  14. Agree with Bridget! Will check out Buttercupland after reading her comment. A good pattern purge is always mind clearing!

  15. Yes, it looks as though it has been reclaimed!

  16. ha, I reject patterns if they are fussy stitches too :) I wanted to knit a purl soho scarf shawl that was trending and the manipulating of the stitches was NOT wrist friendly so I abandoned the pattern.

  17. I have weeded through my pattern stash and vowed not to print off anything more unless I was ready to make it right then, but that quickly stopped being the rule as I have printed off many more once again. Love the basket, poor baby needs as many basket beds as he wants.