Wednesday, July 5, 2017

What's On My Needles --- The Starting Line

There it all is.

The half-year starting line up.

FOURTEEN knitting projects and one cross stitch project.
Yes, cross-stitching friends . . . I DO still remember how to cross stitch.

Two books ---- one fiction, one non-fiction

One by one they shall ALL be done.

Here's closer-ups in case you wanted to see what things actually are.

Some of the projects are started,
some have yet to be cast on, but the pattern/yarn have been paired up.

As I suspected, I DID cast on the shop model shawl.
(Oh my golly ....the yarn is a-mazing!!!)

And .... in honor of our country's 241st birthday,
a red, "white" and blue square was added to the scrappy blanket.

Giroux says all this organizing really wears a guy OUT!


  1. Oh wow they look so organised, beautiful! i'd be ashamed to show you how mine are kept, lol.

  2. WOW! Just wow! And pictures of it all spread out without Giroux photo-bombing - amazing! You are going to be having some fun!!

  3. Hello, I say you look like you will be busy! Have a great day and week ahead!

  4. What a sight!!! How brave of you to line it all up. I would faint if I saw all my things lined up like that. Having said that I am a huge fan of having lots of projects. My brain can't work on any one thing longer than the average commercial break.

  5. You are busy! I love the red white and blue square. Since I once cross stitched, I look fwd to seeing those projects too. Waving hi to Giroux.

  6. Nice work! I have another book for your stack; just released by our friend. It's his first novel and takes place on the Blue Glacier which is on the WA Olympic Peninsula and is slowly melting thanks to climate change: Watermelon Snow, 4.99 on Kindle also on Amazon for more.....It's a fun read. You've got even more socks cast on than I do, but I think I beat you in the other depts. Love that Giroux!

  7. An amazing array of projects and yarn colors. I'm glad the sample yarn is going to be a delight to knit. Nothing worse that slogging along on a project.

    Too bad Giroux isn't interested in learning how to knit.

  8. Wow, you are going to be busy, but you are very organised! I am impressed!!

  9. Totally a goal that is able to be reached......I am no doing so well with the multiple projects all started. I am frozen on several.
    I am working on a sock-they are the best! lol

  10. Well that oughta keep you busy. Around here anything on the floor is fair game for the hooligans. Lol They would have a field day with everything. That's the excuse I'm going to use anyway for not being as organized as you. ;-)

  11. Well we start with dear Giroux. Cats are just THE BEST companions. Requiring love and embracing the calm of life. Great pillow pic
    As for your 6 month plan, wow. You are so organized. I love the Patriotic addition to the blanket. Love ALL your socks ALl the time.

  12. That was really fun seeing everything layed out like that. You're a project hero. LOL. And Giroud, my son and I laugh over his photos on Instagram all the time. He does not know he's a cat.

  13. wow you are very organized! that is great you have the yarn matched up to the projects. It is a good idea to plan it all out ahead of time. I might do this more as I go along, right now I finish a project and think, what is next? when I am finished my kerchief and sweater I will be onto the socks! good luck on your projects! looks fun :) hi Giroux, he is so cute.

  14. you are my hero! I love how you are organized and at the ready. I should do it too.