Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Great House Hunt of 2017

I've received several emails asking how the house hunting is going.

So, I thought I'd give everyone a little update.

The real estate market here in Jacksonville is tight. VERY tight! There is a low inventory of houses for sale and considering that our "target" area is quite small, the pickings are quite slim.

We sold our house in Orlando in a buyer's market and didn't get quite what we thought we would. We are now trying to buy in a seller's market and will probably have to SPEND more than we thought we would.

We have considered moving to some other areas, including going back to our hometown of Philadelphia, but the fact is . . . it would not be financially prudent. We like Jacksonville more than other areas of Florida. So, we are going to continue our seach here.

We have had two houses that we have made offers on.  The first was a stunner (in more ways than one) and we bid on it before we even left the first showing.

We thought this house had it all . . . updated kitchen and baths, nice street,
right location and under cover parking for our two cars.

Sadly, it did not pass the house inspection.
It failed spectacularly . . . stunning by a whole different definition.

It was a case of bright red lipstick on a pig.

We were disappointed, but KNEW we did not have the skill,
nor the $$$ to set things right.

This is the second house we placed a bid on.
It still has curb appeal,
but the curb is further south in town than we really would like to be.

Inside is a word ..........UNIQUE.
Some of the unique is good  -  the kitchen.
Some of the unique is a word.........strange.

The bathrooms (2 of them) are not updated at all.
The house, in our opinion, is quite overpriced.

We like it.
We do not love it.

We made a low offer.
They countered higher than we wanted to go.

The great houses are selling within hours of being listed. The good houses go in a day or two. Time will tell if this is one of the "good" ones or if it will languish unsold for awhile. If it languishes we may re-offer.

I think we could make this house visually stunning inside, but it would take time and of course, $$$.

But, if they would come down to our first offer, I think we could make it work for us.

In the meantime, we keep looking.


  1. House hunting is not for the faint of heart. We will probably be doing it next Spring. This big ole house of mine is wearing em out. Maybe it is because I finished cleaning the pavers again, third time this summer, it is an upkeep nightmare. Of course we have to consider where Little B will go to school when we start searching. Good luck Dee.

  2. I wish you all the best! It would be wonderful if you could get moved into a new home before the end of the year. Giroux could hang up his Christmas stocking for Santa that way! lol I love one story homes. This week marks one year since we moved here.
    Hope you will have a nice week.

  3. Hang in there; it is tough to hunt for a house! The 'right' one will appear and you will just know it is the one!
    Thanks for the update!

  4. Since you have a place to live, taking your time is good. You won't be tempted to take something unsuitable. It will happen when it happens.

  5. That's too bad the house you really liked required a lot of work! I remember seeing the photos and it was so nice inside but we can't see the serious problems past the decor. I like the second one, hopefully you can get it at a good price. Good luck on your search!

  6. It's hard when houses move so quickly. I'll keep my fingers crossed the right house come along quickly. It's nice to have the update.

  7. I still believe the right thing will come along when the time is right!

  8. It is never a fun time is it. Hope that all goes well and that you find your perfect next home soon!

  9. Good for you for not being bid up... it's no fun to be house poor when the house needs work. The first one did look stunning in photos. The second house has a lovely porch and the garden has lots of potential!

  10. Hello, I say hang in there. I know the right house is out there. House hunting can be fun but it can also be stressful. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week ahead.

  11. you will find your forever home, I just know it. All it takes is one house :) I'll keep my fingers crossed THE house comes up and you guys get first dibs.

  12. You are the house hunt warrior! I know the right house is coming. I also know the stress of the unsure is very difficult for some of us. Glad you and your hubs and Giroux are trying to make the best of things right now. YOu are in the drivers seat Dee. Much better to have SOLD and be looking to BUY than the other way round

  13. After his mom passed last April, The Mister got the bug to move. I started looking online at houses and quickly decided we weren't going anywhere soon. All the houses in our price range were worse than the one we have unless we wanted to move far, far away. I'd rather take his inheritance and fix this place up but the battle is still ongoing. Good luck. The idea of moving is fun, the reality-not so much.

  14. Ah Dee, sorry the hunt continues. But, as others have said, the RIGHT house will come along...only a matter of time. The waiting is hard though.

  15. It's the waiting for the RIGHT house that is frustrating, if you ask me!

  16. Thanks for the update! Sorry it didn't work out, but hang in there. The right one will happen.