Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Garment District

It's been a long time since I've knit a garment.
(Something akin to 38 years)

I remember once knitting an acrylic sweater from some fuzzy, sparkly yarn,
probably from Michaels or the like.

As you can well imagine, it was uglier than home-made sin
and I thought it was terrific,
until I saw myself in a mirror.

I looked like a very fuzzy and sparkly GRAPE.

Then I jumped on knitting with thinly ripped pieces of cotton when THAT fad rolled around.
That sweater could have stood on a street corner and waited for a bus

Rigid was NOT the word for it .... it was an upstanding sweater
and my step-mother-in-law (God bless her) loved it and said she wore it.

I couldn't even get the blasted thing over my head.

Now, I don't actually remember seeing Phyllis IN the sweater, 
but she said she loved it, said she wore it and I'm going with that.

So ... you can see, those sweaters may have turned me a little
against garment knitting.

And, then there is that whole thing about getting the right size,
making a swatch,
you know ...........the maths kind of thing.

Not up my alley folks ..... I can do a science.
I'm not so good at doing a math.

I have cast on a garment.

It's the Windlass sweater from Pom Pom magazine.

It should look like this when I am finished.
Picture MINE a little bit wider and in blue.
I have no idea whether what I cast on will fit me. To complicate the whole sweater-fit issue that normally rears its ugly head, this pattern is size 1-5. I'm making the size 5 and hoping for the best.

Wish me luck.
I'm calling on the sweater gods to make this right.


  1. Good luck! I hate making garments too. They never fit but I still make them hoping one may be a keeper. Someday, when I'm gone whoever cleans out my house is going to be very surprised at how many sweaters I have hidden away because I never wear them.

  2. LOVE the top, LOVE the colour you chose to use too.
    I've never made a gauge swatch, i'm not sure if i know how!

  3. I'm laughing about your sweater waiting for the bus on its own!

    The blue is so pretty, and I am thinking that now that you have been knitting for a longer amount of time, success may be in your future. I'll keep a good thought for you. Especially since, like you, I have not been a successful garment knitter, but am getting ready to start one ... oy.

  4. I've only knit one garment for myself, and it was so-so. I've had a pattern and yarn for a sweater for more than four years, but I can't make myself cast on.

    Love the pattern you selected and sending positive knitting vibes your way.

  5. We all seem to be alike! I have made several sweaters for myself in the past. None of them turned out as I had expected. I have two in progress now (one for over a year!). Your pattern is so pretty and your yarn color is gorgeous. Come on and make it happen - that will give me some hope - LOL

  6. lovely pattern! measure a few of your favorite current tops and compare those measurements with the pattern :)

  7. I feel your garment knitting pain.....but so far this is looking good and I love the pattern!

  8. What Karen said. And then compare the measurement with the width of the piece you're knitting before you get too far along.

  9. That is a perfect sweater to make as there are no sleeves! You will whip it up in no time. Great color choice.

  10. Oh, it's beautiful! A friend just shared this project with me because she is knitting it-lovely! I'm glad it tempted you!

  11. How's it coming? It sure is a nice pattern.