Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sunday Wrap Up

FIFTEEN stitching projects
(knitting and cross stitch)

have been winnowed down to eleven.

Four of the knitting projects weren't working out the way I had hoped.
Yarn selection and pattern choice weren't in agreement.

Those balls were wrapped back up and put in stash.

Eleven is still plenty to keep me busy.

I think THIS one might be my favorite right now.

The pattern is Gladys.
Can you believe that this marvelous pattern is FREE on Ravelry?

The yarn.
Oh, let me tell you about this yarn.

70% merino, 20% cashmere goat and 10% nylon ---- can we say SOFT,
but surprisingly with excellent stitch definition.

I expected more halo.
I was so pleased when I saw how fabulous it worked with this pattern.

You truly need to get yourself some of this Smooshy with cashmere.
I think the color is grey tabby, but it does not say so on the ball band.
I tried matching it to the online color card.

It doesn't exactly match any of the current colors, but grey tabby is the closest.

Can we talk about my photo assistant for a moment.
The sass is strong in this one today.

If I can't play with your sock,
can I play with THIS???


  1. That is lovely and your assistant is adorable!

  2. Love the sock AND your assistant. The sock pattern looks fabulous in that yarn - well done.

  3. That is a beautiful pattern. And that yarn....yummy!

  4. I really like this sock you are working on, the pattern is really nice and it looks fun to knit! It looks like Giroux likes it too!

  5. Oh my! Fabulous!! I have this pattern in my library. You yarn choice looks perfect. Giroux...what can I say? He just thinks he is a privileged Prince!

  6. Gorgeous pattern + Gorgeous yarn = Gorgeous sock. I wear size 11AA if you were wondering ;)

  7. that stitch definition!! gorgeous :) I love how you decided what was working and what wasn't. A sign of a seasoned knitter :)

  8. Now that is the perfect yarn for the pattern!!!! It is stunning. Giroux looks a bit too interested in the Cashmere, too!

  9. Obviously the star or the show feels he needs more air time!

  10. What a great pattern, the yarn shows the texture really well doesn't it.

  11. Those are looking nice, and thanks for the link to the pattern, I love it!

    I think your assistant is puzzled as to why any of us would care about a sock if he is available ... ;-)

  12. My sock is grey also! That is a fun pattern; thanks for finding it! It looks like Giroux is pushing the envelope.......