Sunday, July 9, 2017

'Splain It All Sunday

"You got some 'splainin' to do, Lucy", Ricky Ricardo

Several people have asked me recently about how Giroux got his name
AND how you properly pronounce it.

If you are a Philadelphia Flyers fan, you can skip past this first part.

YOU already know exactly how it is said.

His full name is Clawed Giroux.

Clawed is pretty much self-explanatory.

Giroux is a little harder.
I've heard him called Ga Rux.
I've heard Guy Roux.

Even after I say it a few times, people still don't *get* it.
Gi (Ja) --- Roux (roo) ---- JaRoo (hard j and accent on the roo!)

I had been looking for a cat for awhile. We had visited a shelter in Melbourne, Florida 3 or 4 times, but didn't find just the right kitty. I knew the kind of kitty that I wanted (a boy ginger kitty, fairly young, but NOT a kitten) and I knew I was going to name him Brière after my favorite player, Danny Brière.

Then a tiny homeless tabby cat showed up on our porch.
He didn't belong to anyone.
So, he belonged to us.

He didn't look like a Brière at all.

He looked like a Giroux, a CLAUDE Giroux.
Claude Giroux #28 - captain of the Philadelphia Flyers

They both have the death stare down pretty darn good.
Clawed Giroux was the perfect name . . . and it stuck.

So, there you have it.


Maybe someday down the road we will find a Brière or maybe even a (Kimmo) Timmonen. Maybe I could go full out cat lady and adopt a whole team.

But, for now .... we're happy with just ONE Giroux.


  1. Omg...he does look like Claude Giroux. Look at that attitude!

  2. Have I mentioned I just love your cat. He picked you and you picked his name...perfect.

  3. He is adorable and I enjoyed learning about his name. Being a crazy cat lady is not so bad! lol

  4. OMG - twins!! What a stare. What a character.

  5. Oh I see a fellow crazy cat lady in the works. I didn't want to say it before, are on your way. Giroux, I love you

  6. I was close, but I had the accent on the second syllable. This is going to take some concentration to change!

    1. Oh my are right. Accent on the Roo.

  7. I've always said it with a soft J, but otherwise, the same. Either way, he's one of the handsomest kitties who ever lived... and a smart little guy for finding his way to your door.

  8. The story and pictures make me smile, perfect name for one awesome cat.

  9. that is such a sweet story! I'm glad you shared it with us. I guess I was saying his name nearly the right way in his head. Now to spell that good!

  10. And that is the rest of the story! Love it!

  11. Both of them are awesome! And I spend an inordinate amount of time hoping to find a small Flyers bandanna or something to send to your Clawed Giroux ...

  12. Fun story! He is definitely a special kitty. And a lucky guy at that.