Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Short and Straight

Yes, that title could describe me,
but I'm talking about knitting needles.

6" straight needles to be exact.

Apparently there IS no such thing.

So what is a knitter supposed to do when small circulars are just too fiddly
and all you really want is a simple pair of straight needles,
but short . . . very short?

You make them.

You take two size-2 double pointed sock needles
and you pop on some silicone point protectors to keep your stitches from
falling off the other side and making a run for the border.

Now, if you NEVER want to use the needles again for knitting socks,
you could drop a tiny bit of Crazy Glue in the hole to keep them more secure,
but I didn't find it necessary with this particular brand* of point protector.
They are pretty grippy.

They make knitting on the Coziest Memory Blanket so much easier.
There is no cable to get twisted and hung up in the yarn tails,
especially when using multiple colors on one square.

I've knit five more squares into the blanket
and these needles make the knitting just speed along.

It's DIY at it's best.

*I believe these particular point protectors are from Yarnology, available at Hobby Lobby. The Clover brand point protectors would work, they just don't stay on the needles quite as securely.


  1. Ingenious :-)
    Your blanket looks so neat too :-)

  2. Great idea to make working on your blanket easier. I'm loving the new squares. Enjoy your day.

  3. Well now, I'd say you are a clever knitter!!! Well done :)

  4. I've done that on occasion, and it does work great! Rubber bands twisted around the end of the needle works in a pinch, too.

  5. Excellent! You showed them! (OK I have no idea who "they" are, but you showed them nonetheless ...)

  6. Great idea! I had a knitting friend at work who always custom made her needles doing things like that. She would cut them and glue beads on the ends of them to get the length and weight she wanted. They were beautiful.

  7. I've done that a few times! I find they stick better on the wooden needles.

  8. Great idea! I've been using DP needles for my blanket and haven't had issues with the stitches falling off...but my squares are smaller than ours. I only have a maximum of 48 stitches on at once and that number goes down quickly!

  9. Smart smart lady! Great way to make it work. And your blanket is just amazing. I like the pink you choose for the needle covers

  10. Necessity is the mother of invention! Great ingenuity!

  11. I did that same thing with my blanket....great minds. LOL

  12. I have made several pair myself out of double pointed needles and protectors, they work really well. I could be called tall and straight!

  13. Good idea, glad they are working out for you! the blanket is coming along nicely!