Monday, July 17, 2017

Kathy's Monday Q & A

Time for the best post of the week,

Buckle up.
Here we go!

1. Have you ever changed-up a S'More?

Not personally. I have only had s'mores when someone else was providing the ingredients. BUT, yesterday I had a variation on a s'more at a local bake shop. It was a chocolate chip cookie bar with marshmallow fluff in the middle. It was very tasty, but very sweet. I could not eat it all in one sitting. That okay, though. It was nice to have a little bit more later in the day.

2.  What yarn is on your needles that you will work on today?

Right now I am working on my sock yarn blanket. The current yarn is a Madeline Tosh Unicorn Tail in a brilliant purple variagated --- Flashdance.

3. You can have a gift certificate to Knit Picks, Etsy, or Webs. Which one do you pick?

I've never ordered from Webs. I have ordered from Knit Picks and they have some nice things at very good prices, but I think this time I would go for Etsy.

I'd like to get myself a new project bag. Maybe on with flamingos on it. Etsy seems like a good place to find on.

(I did price out making my own ---- considering I am an extreme novice sewist, I would need all the materials and a well written pattern. The bottom line is for just a little bit more $$$ I can have one made right. I'm just waiting for the right fabric to come along.)

4.  What is your middle name? Do you use it at all?

My middle name is Lynn and, yes, I use it as part of my legal name. On legal papers I AM Debra Lynn.

5.  Last place you went that took cash only.

Oh my gosh ...that's a hard one. Probably the parking meter in Savannah, Georgia. Steve says he thinks the last cash only place was the Dreamette ice cream shop over in Murrary Hill. Good ice cream. Worth coming up with the cold hard cash.

6.  Have you ever had Baked Alaska.

No. I haven't, but doesn't it sound delicious? I'm still confused about how you can BAKE ice cream. Yes, the fried ice cream at Mexican restaurants confuses me too.

7.  Give a yarn skein a name that reflects the night time.

Bitten --- it is a lovely leg color with lumps of pink from mosquito bites. (Mosquitoes --- one of the downsides of living on a river in the middle of summer. The mosquitoes zoom constantly!)

8.  Bar soap? Foam soap? Liquid soap? What's in your bathroom?

In the guest bathroom, liquid soap in a lovely citrus fragrance. In our bathroom, 2 bars --- one from Araignee and a bar of Pear's face soap, one liquid soap (grapefruit scent) and one tea tree oil face soap.

No foam soap for me. I can't STAND those things. If you are going to offer me soap, OFFER ME SOAP!!!! Not the dead REMAINS of soap.

9.  Last time you got a ticket . . . 

At the Jumbo Shrimp baseball game. Yes, we are ticket-carrying members of Crustacean Nation!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh... you mean the OTHER kind of ticket. I got a speeding ticket in Cedar Key, Florida way, way back when Stephen was in elementary school.  (Hidden reduce speed sign + hidden speed trap = pricey ticket which I would have fought in court if it wasn't a four hour drive back. It was simpler just to pay the dang ticket.)

I DID get stopped in Oviedo (where we lived) for speeding down the back road a couple of years ago. But, I did not get a ticket. I was having a really sh**ty day and when the cop asked how I was doing ..... I told him. 

I told him that the ticket he was about to give me was the LEAST sh**ty thing that had happened that day. He took my license and insurance, went back to his car for what seemed FOREVER. When he came back to my window he said I had a really good driving record. I said, "yes, until today". He said I still did. He was only giving me a warning because 1. even though I was having a "sh**ty day", I was polite AND 2. because I was wearing my seat belt. Turns out ... he didn't even turn in the warning. It never showed up on my driving record. He was a good guy that made the day just a little bit LESS shi**y.

I'm actually a pretty conservative driver most of the time.

10. Last time you had a car-hop bring your food to the car?

Sonic in Orlando has car hops on roller skates. It's been a long time since we have gone there, probably two or three years. 

We usually got out of the car and sat at a table. 

That's all the question for this week.
I'm guessing y'all will be wanting a photo to go along with the blog post.

Okay you go.
Strawberry cake-pop wishes you a HAPPY Monday!


  1. Hahaha - laughing over your comment about foam soap (since I really like it for washing my hands). I can't believe I've never "dined" at a Sonic! But, I don't really know of any around here and since I don't eat "fast food"....

  2. I can't stand the foam soap either. Who on earth invented that icky stuff!

    I've always found it best to cooperate and be honest with the police. They hear so many sob stories that I figure they appreciate honesty. Yes, officer, I was speeding.

  3. I LOVE the name BITTEN for yarn and your flesh and red tones! ouch! but so creative and true.
    I adore when a Police man gives a break and doesnt give a ticket!!! Its the best

  4. Mmmmm....fried ice cream. I was just thinking of that the other day. I love it at the local Mexican place. I tried making it once. It was a big mess.

  5. Yum to the cake pop! I love your yarn name!!!!

  6. There's a recipe in an old Betty Crocker cookbook for Baked Alaska Brownies. Very fun. The ice cream has to be right out of the freezer and it gets covered completely in meringue and it works! Haven't made it in ages but everyone loved it when I did.

  7. I would definitely try out an etsy, I've bought from the other two but no yarn from etsy. I will always use bar soap, unscented of course.