Monday, July 10, 2017

Kathy's Monday Q & A

Monday, Monday . . . here we go.

1.  What kind of crops do you see in your state?

Well, CITRUS obviously, but there is so much more . . . strawberries, potatoes, rice, celery, sugar cane, peppers, tomatoes, watermelon, peanuts and greens (mustard, kale, collard and the like).

There is a big push to farm local/buy local. We are the second biggest beef producing state and are beginning to see a few dairy farms. You can find local eggs just about anywhere in the state.

Florida is also a big timber state as can well be smelled if the wind is blowing in the right wrong direction. We have a paper mill and a turpentine factory not far from us.

2.  When was the last time you WORE a handknit?

Probably April. However, I do use handknit dishcloths and hand stitched dish towels every day.

3.  Have you ever seen the Secret Service in person?

Yes, indeedy. I even talked to them.

4.  Do you know a poem by heart?

A whole poem?  And I'm guessing you wouldn't consider "there once was a girl from Nantucket" to be an actual poem. So, the answer is no, not really. I do know the first LINES from a lot of poems. I suppose that really doesn't count either. The answer, sadly, is still NO.

5.  Do you attach a new ball of yarn to your knits at the end of a row or a few inches in?

Depending on the pattern and the weight of the yarn, I do what will look (and hold) best. 

6.  What is a rule in your house?

No cat on the table while we are eating. Two of us really LIKE that rule. One of us thinks that rule is stupid.

7.  Have you been stuck behind a cyclist, a bus or a motorist most recently?

A motorist .......she was in the passing AND middle lane of I-95 trying to decide which way to go. She was going around 40 mph while everyone around her was whizzing by at about 70. Oh, did I mention she was in the middle of a curve??? I'm amazed she did not get us creamed from behind.

Yes.....words might have been said in my head!

8.  What's your favorite summer pie?

Hands down ----- BLUEBERRY!

9.  Do you know a clever yarn shop name?

The Frayed Knot . . . it is in Savannah, Georgia. The two shops most local to me are A Stitch in Time in Jacksonville and St. Simon's Stitchery. Good names, but not as cute as The Frayed Knot.

10.  Are you still hearing fireworks?

Thankfully, no.


  1. Yummy blueberry pie, I haven't had that in awhile now I am craving it! fun reading your responses!

  2. I am lucky to have two inside kitties that would never dream of jumping up on anything. Daughter's cats, on the other hand, will jump right in you plate if you are not watching.

  3. Yep, cats do make up their own rules, lol

  4. Poor, suffering Giroux - LOL. Tyg feels the same way. Yum for blueberry pie!

  5. Giroux is fascinated with your cup! So cute. Oh, I love blueberry pie, too.

  6. Dee Your answers crack me up . I enjoy them. Blueberry pie...mmmmmm another favorite of mine.
    As for the cat rule, we have the same one with the same issues
    Dishcloth use counts!!!

  7. Hello, I love the cute photo of Giroux! The blueberry pie sounds yummy, I also love apple pie. I enjoyed your answers, why the talk with the secret service? Happy Monday, Enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  8. Haven't you learned that cats rule: they are NOT ruled! ๐Ÿ˜‰