Monday, July 24, 2017

Monday Q & A

You know the drill . . .
Kathy asks,
I answer.

1. Do you remember a bad sunburn?

Oh my, YES! Surprisingly, my worst burn was back when I lived in Pennsylvania. But, I will admit, I've had my share here in Florida too.

2.  What is the last game you played?

Apples to Apples or Farkle. Friends had a get together and we played a couple of different games. I don't remember which game we played last, but it was one of those two.

3.  Do you have a statue in your house of any kind.

I have two ----
I have a small version of this gargoyle -- Dedo
He is a tiny replica of one on Notre Dame Cathedral.
My Dedo is about 3" tall.
And this one that we call LeRoy.
His real name is LeBeau and he graces Biltmore in Asheville, North Carolina.
LeRoy stands SITS about 8" tall.

I love them both. I'm sorry to say LeRoy had a little accident this past spring. He fought the concrete porch and the concrete porch won. LeRoy now has one wonky ear. We him in spite of it.

4. Have you seen the new needle that threads your safety line for lace?

No. Haven't heard about it. Sounds like it could be a very useful tool. 

5.  Why do they call them point protectors when they are really stitch protectors keeping your stitches from falling off?

In my opinion, they are both. I've dropped some of my double point needles on pavement or concrete and it really ruins the tips. But, I agree . . . they mostly protect stitches from running wild.

6.  What kind of knitting has dominated your summer knitting?

As usual, socks .... summer, fall, winter, spring . . . it is socks. (However, spoiler alert ---- I not only have a lace shawl on the needles, I am knitting a GARMENT!)

7.  Have you seen an ice cream truck this summer?

Yes, indeedy ......we were going one way on the Mathews Bridge and he was going the other. His catchy little tune was stuck in my head the rest of the evening.  LOL

8.  Cold summer salad preference:  Pasta? Bean? Fruit?

Fruit a melon salad with lime and mint OR with a sprinkle of some fine balsamic reduction that my friend Sue gave to me. 

9.  Your favorite summer sandals are made by . . .

It used to be Clark's leather flip-flops, but I have given up sandals after having to run through rain and finding out the inner sole of the Clark's was VERY slippery and I almost fell running for the car. 

I now wear a pair of  Clark's Privo that I found at the consignment shop for $18.00. They were never worn and I adore them. $18.00 bucks people. Who is the SHOPPER WOMAN???? THIS GIRL!

I also have a pair of black and white Keens that I use when we go kayaking and sometimes for walking around, but the Clark's Privos have my heart.

10.  Do you have a favorite old photograph taken in the summer?

I have a favorite photo of me water skiing when I was about 10 years old. I don't have it anymore though. We have "passed the box". When Stephen was here at Christmas, he became the new keeper of the photographs.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Seeing Red

I'm not going to lie.
I feel a little bad for this yarn.

This poor yarn has been knit,
and frogged,
and knit,
and frogged
and now it is being knit again.

The first few yards certainly are a little shopworn
from the indignity of being ripped back so many times.

It will be okay though.
The scruffity bits will be hidden under my pants leg.

I promised this yarn that there will be no more major frogs.

I hope I can keep my promise.

Thursday, July 20, 2017


I ran into a little road block while picking yarn for the next 2 squares.

There was no problem up at the top.
The next square will be pink.

But, down at the bottom a certain someone had an opinon about
which blue should be used next.

That blue with the subtle black striping just had to go.

P.S. I'm trying to type this while a cat is standing between me and the keyboard 
and totally blocking my view.

Please excuse any typos.
They are NOT my fault.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Really descriptive title, eh?

This is how my day started.

For seven days, I'm goin' BIONIC!

I just have to remember it's not a game of "beat that number",
although I will admit . . . watching the little line go down is kind of fun.

I'm supposed to eat like I normally would (to get the most accurate results).
As I told Steve today ........well, I guess I'm gonna rat myself out with a piece
of cake one of these days.

Some days there is CAKE!

There's also knitting.

The doctor's office was mighty full and most of the people
were griping about the wait time.

Not me.


This sock was going to be Hermione's Everyday Socks,
but it looked awful.

So it is going to be . . . WAIT FOR IT . . .

another pair of Pin Striped Socks.

You know .... an awful lot of the people in the waiting room were watching what I was doing.
I think they wished THEY had brought knitting too.

It sure does make the time pass much more pleasantly.


As a reward for being a brave little warrior at the doctor,
I treated myself.

(No, not cake)

I went to the good bookstore and bought myself . . .

You're not the only one looking forward to autumn, Vera.
I'm right there with 'ya!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Kathy's Monday Q & A

Time for the best post of the week,

Buckle up.
Here we go!

1. Have you ever changed-up a S'More?

Not personally. I have only had s'mores when someone else was providing the ingredients. BUT, yesterday I had a variation on a s'more at a local bake shop. It was a chocolate chip cookie bar with marshmallow fluff in the middle. It was very tasty, but very sweet. I could not eat it all in one sitting. That okay, though. It was nice to have a little bit more later in the day.

2.  What yarn is on your needles that you will work on today?

Right now I am working on my sock yarn blanket. The current yarn is a Madeline Tosh Unicorn Tail in a brilliant purple variagated --- Flashdance.

3. You can have a gift certificate to Knit Picks, Etsy, or Webs. Which one do you pick?

I've never ordered from Webs. I have ordered from Knit Picks and they have some nice things at very good prices, but I think this time I would go for Etsy.

I'd like to get myself a new project bag. Maybe on with flamingos on it. Etsy seems like a good place to find on.

(I did price out making my own ---- considering I am an extreme novice sewist, I would need all the materials and a well written pattern. The bottom line is for just a little bit more $$$ I can have one made right. I'm just waiting for the right fabric to come along.)

4.  What is your middle name? Do you use it at all?

My middle name is Lynn and, yes, I use it as part of my legal name. On legal papers I AM Debra Lynn.

5.  Last place you went that took cash only.

Oh my gosh ...that's a hard one. Probably the parking meter in Savannah, Georgia. Steve says he thinks the last cash only place was the Dreamette ice cream shop over in Murrary Hill. Good ice cream. Worth coming up with the cold hard cash.

6.  Have you ever had Baked Alaska.

No. I haven't, but doesn't it sound delicious? I'm still confused about how you can BAKE ice cream. Yes, the fried ice cream at Mexican restaurants confuses me too.

7.  Give a yarn skein a name that reflects the night time.

Bitten --- it is a lovely leg color with lumps of pink from mosquito bites. (Mosquitoes --- one of the downsides of living on a river in the middle of summer. The mosquitoes zoom constantly!)

8.  Bar soap? Foam soap? Liquid soap? What's in your bathroom?

In the guest bathroom, liquid soap in a lovely citrus fragrance. In our bathroom, 2 bars --- one from Araignee and a bar of Pear's face soap, one liquid soap (grapefruit scent) and one tea tree oil face soap.

No foam soap for me. I can't STAND those things. If you are going to offer me soap, OFFER ME SOAP!!!! Not the dead REMAINS of soap.

9.  Last time you got a ticket . . . 

At the Jumbo Shrimp baseball game. Yes, we are ticket-carrying members of Crustacean Nation!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh... you mean the OTHER kind of ticket. I got a speeding ticket in Cedar Key, Florida way, way back when Stephen was in elementary school.  (Hidden reduce speed sign + hidden speed trap = pricey ticket which I would have fought in court if it wasn't a four hour drive back. It was simpler just to pay the dang ticket.)

I DID get stopped in Oviedo (where we lived) for speeding down the back road a couple of years ago. But, I did not get a ticket. I was having a really sh**ty day and when the cop asked how I was doing ..... I told him. 

I told him that the ticket he was about to give me was the LEAST sh**ty thing that had happened that day. He took my license and insurance, went back to his car for what seemed FOREVER. When he came back to my window he said I had a really good driving record. I said, "yes, until today". He said I still did. He was only giving me a warning because 1. even though I was having a "sh**ty day", I was polite AND 2. because I was wearing my seat belt. Turns out ... he didn't even turn in the warning. It never showed up on my driving record. He was a good guy that made the day just a little bit LESS shi**y.

I'm actually a pretty conservative driver most of the time.

10. Last time you had a car-hop bring your food to the car?

Sonic in Orlando has car hops on roller skates. It's been a long time since we have gone there, probably two or three years. 

We usually got out of the car and sat at a table. 

That's all the question for this week.
I'm guessing y'all will be wanting a photo to go along with the blog post.

Okay you go.
Strawberry cake-pop wishes you a HAPPY Monday!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Great House Hunt of 2017

I've received several emails asking how the house hunting is going.

So, I thought I'd give everyone a little update.

The real estate market here in Jacksonville is tight. VERY tight! There is a low inventory of houses for sale and considering that our "target" area is quite small, the pickings are quite slim.

We sold our house in Orlando in a buyer's market and didn't get quite what we thought we would. We are now trying to buy in a seller's market and will probably have to SPEND more than we thought we would.

We have considered moving to some other areas, including going back to our hometown of Philadelphia, but the fact is . . . it would not be financially prudent. We like Jacksonville more than other areas of Florida. So, we are going to continue our seach here.

We have had two houses that we have made offers on.  The first was a stunner (in more ways than one) and we bid on it before we even left the first showing.

We thought this house had it all . . . updated kitchen and baths, nice street,
right location and under cover parking for our two cars.

Sadly, it did not pass the house inspection.
It failed spectacularly . . . stunning by a whole different definition.

It was a case of bright red lipstick on a pig.

We were disappointed, but KNEW we did not have the skill,
nor the $$$ to set things right.

This is the second house we placed a bid on.
It still has curb appeal,
but the curb is further south in town than we really would like to be.

Inside is a word ..........UNIQUE.
Some of the unique is good  -  the kitchen.
Some of the unique is a word.........strange.

The bathrooms (2 of them) are not updated at all.
The house, in our opinion, is quite overpriced.

We like it.
We do not love it.

We made a low offer.
They countered higher than we wanted to go.

The great houses are selling within hours of being listed. The good houses go in a day or two. Time will tell if this is one of the "good" ones or if it will languish unsold for awhile. If it languishes we may re-offer.

I think we could make this house visually stunning inside, but it would take time and of course, $$$.

But, if they would come down to our first offer, I think we could make it work for us.

In the meantime, we keep looking.

Sunday Wrap Up

FIFTEEN stitching projects
(knitting and cross stitch)

have been winnowed down to eleven.

Four of the knitting projects weren't working out the way I had hoped.
Yarn selection and pattern choice weren't in agreement.

Those balls were wrapped back up and put in stash.

Eleven is still plenty to keep me busy.

I think THIS one might be my favorite right now.

The pattern is Gladys.
Can you believe that this marvelous pattern is FREE on Ravelry?

The yarn.
Oh, let me tell you about this yarn.

70% merino, 20% cashmere goat and 10% nylon ---- can we say SOFT,
but surprisingly with excellent stitch definition.

I expected more halo.
I was so pleased when I saw how fabulous it worked with this pattern.

You truly need to get yourself some of this Smooshy with cashmere.
I think the color is grey tabby, but it does not say so on the ball band.
I tried matching it to the online color card.

It doesn't exactly match any of the current colors, but grey tabby is the closest.

Can we talk about my photo assistant for a moment.
The sass is strong in this one today.

If I can't play with your sock,
can I play with THIS???

Saturday, July 15, 2017


There wasn't a cloud in the sky today and we had errands to run.

Steve needed to go to the public library.

I had a book I wanted to leave in the Little Free Library.

We both wanted some lunch.

Maybe some coffee to be had after lunch.

The apartment complex we live in is renovating the parking garage and finding a good spot is a bit of a challenge. We found a good spot. We were reluctant to use the car and maybe LOSE our spot. So, we decided to walk.

First stop . . . the Little Free Library on Herschel. I intended to drop off Hillbilly Elegy and not get a book. But, there was a book inside that I just couldn't resist.

It's a big, thick book and added a lot of weight to my backpack.
Hopefully, it will be worth it in the end.

Second stop was the Jacksonville Public Library so Steve could return his book and get a new one. While he browsed, I went to the magazine room. They have a nice collection of Craft Ideas magazine. I love browsing through those. Sadly, the current edition is the last one. They are not publishing after this last one. 

Then it was time for some lunch.
We originally were going for Thai, but the Thai place doesn't open until dinner time.
We hit the vegan place instead.

The menu is a little confusing for this non-vegan,
but I threw a virtual dart and ended up with a very tasty vegan, gluten-free sandwich
and a lovely mint green iced tea.

Turns out it is a quinoa patty with pickled squash and sprouts.
The pickled veggies were amazing. I almost cried when I saw a guy throwing his veggies away.

Steve wanted to know why you would go to a vegan place
if you didn't want to eat vegetables.

I figure he was dragged there by a vegan friend.

And, then there was COFFEE and of course, KNITTING.

What's in the bag???

The sock d'jour is the red/white/blue one that I started on July 4th.
You may notice it's not quite as long as you may have expected.

Yes was frogged back.

Apparently a two row pattern is sometimes beyond my capabilites.

All in all, we walked about 4 miles,
saved gas
and saved our parking space.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday Finish

Okay . . . so it's not a FINISH finish.

It's a HO
(a half-finished object).

But, the word FINISH is in there and I'm going for it.

One Zauberball Crazy sock in the colorway:  Wolke
(which I think means cloud in German)

The pattern is Melanie's Twist by Pink Lemon Twist.
It's a free pattern.

I'm currently putting a square on my Coziest Memory Blanket
and then I'm casting on sock number two.

No second sock syndrome for me.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Whiskers on Wednesday

This morning I found myself all alone in a quiet apartment.
It was the perfect time to do a little bit of weeding
in the knitting and cross stitching pattern stash.

I have printed out A LOT of knitting patterns in the last few months.
The sad tale is .......I won't make most of them.

After reading through them, there are a lot of fussy stitches that just aren't my thing.

So .... a big weed out was in the cards.

I used to keep my patterns in the drawer of the television cabinet.
But one day I went in there and found that some had escaped out the back of the drawer
and were now all bunched up underneath the drawer.

To make matters WORSE, the patterns took a whole bunch of loose cross stitch embellishments
(beads, buttons, charms, etc...)
with them on the trip.

All would have been well and good had I been able to release the drawer from it's rails
and just pull it out, scoop up the escapees and get on with life.

It didn't work that way.
The drawer is not removeable.

We had to haul the television hutch away from the wall and remove the 
wooden back to be able to access the mess.

At that point I decided this really wasn't the best place to keep
these hooligan patterns and I found a wicker basket to keep them in.

Today I emptied out the basket and started sorting through the patterns
putting them into KEEP or RECYCLE piles in the living room.

Meanwhile in the dining area......

...someone has decided that the basket makes a pretty good spot for a lie down.

To be fair, this basket was used by Shelby the cat when she visited and Giroux has used it in the past as a bed. But, he stopped using it so I took it for my pattern stash.

Obviously, he wants it back.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Squares 58, 59 and 60
(the 3 at the top right)

That's what was ON my needles yesterday.

I have to say, now that I've seen it photographed I wish I hadn't put the light turqoise
and the green/blue/yellow (in the middle column) together.

They are too close in color.

Oh well . . . too late to worry about that now.

60 squares are done.
I'm thinking that puts me at about 1/5th of the way to the finish line.

Boy, do I have a LOT of ends to weave in.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Kathy's Monday Q & A

Monday, Monday . . . here we go.

1.  What kind of crops do you see in your state?

Well, CITRUS obviously, but there is so much more . . . strawberries, potatoes, rice, celery, sugar cane, peppers, tomatoes, watermelon, peanuts and greens (mustard, kale, collard and the like).

There is a big push to farm local/buy local. We are the second biggest beef producing state and are beginning to see a few dairy farms. You can find local eggs just about anywhere in the state.

Florida is also a big timber state as can well be smelled if the wind is blowing in the right wrong direction. We have a paper mill and a turpentine factory not far from us.

2.  When was the last time you WORE a handknit?

Probably April. However, I do use handknit dishcloths and hand stitched dish towels every day.

3.  Have you ever seen the Secret Service in person?

Yes, indeedy. I even talked to them.

4.  Do you know a poem by heart?

A whole poem?  And I'm guessing you wouldn't consider "there once was a girl from Nantucket" to be an actual poem. So, the answer is no, not really. I do know the first LINES from a lot of poems. I suppose that really doesn't count either. The answer, sadly, is still NO.

5.  Do you attach a new ball of yarn to your knits at the end of a row or a few inches in?

Depending on the pattern and the weight of the yarn, I do what will look (and hold) best. 

6.  What is a rule in your house?

No cat on the table while we are eating. Two of us really LIKE that rule. One of us thinks that rule is stupid.

7.  Have you been stuck behind a cyclist, a bus or a motorist most recently?

A motorist .......she was in the passing AND middle lane of I-95 trying to decide which way to go. She was going around 40 mph while everyone around her was whizzing by at about 70. Oh, did I mention she was in the middle of a curve??? I'm amazed she did not get us creamed from behind.

Yes.....words might have been said in my head!

8.  What's your favorite summer pie?

Hands down ----- BLUEBERRY!

9.  Do you know a clever yarn shop name?

The Frayed Knot . . . it is in Savannah, Georgia. The two shops most local to me are A Stitch in Time in Jacksonville and St. Simon's Stitchery. Good names, but not as cute as The Frayed Knot.

10.  Are you still hearing fireworks?

Thankfully, no.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

'Splain It All Sunday

"You got some 'splainin' to do, Lucy", Ricky Ricardo

Several people have asked me recently about how Giroux got his name
AND how you properly pronounce it.

If you are a Philadelphia Flyers fan, you can skip past this first part.

YOU already know exactly how it is said.

His full name is Clawed Giroux.

Clawed is pretty much self-explanatory.

Giroux is a little harder.
I've heard him called Ga Rux.
I've heard Guy Roux.

Even after I say it a few times, people still don't *get* it.
Gi (Ja) --- Roux (roo) ---- JaRoo (hard j and accent on the roo!)

I had been looking for a cat for awhile. We had visited a shelter in Melbourne, Florida 3 or 4 times, but didn't find just the right kitty. I knew the kind of kitty that I wanted (a boy ginger kitty, fairly young, but NOT a kitten) and I knew I was going to name him Brière after my favorite player, Danny Brière.

Then a tiny homeless tabby cat showed up on our porch.
He didn't belong to anyone.
So, he belonged to us.

He didn't look like a Brière at all.

He looked like a Giroux, a CLAUDE Giroux.
Claude Giroux #28 - captain of the Philadelphia Flyers

They both have the death stare down pretty darn good.
Clawed Giroux was the perfect name . . . and it stuck.

So, there you have it.


Maybe someday down the road we will find a Brière or maybe even a (Kimmo) Timmonen. Maybe I could go full out cat lady and adopt a whole team.

But, for now .... we're happy with just ONE Giroux.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Don't Fight With Me

Sometimes what you see in the skein . . .

... is VERY different from what you get when you knit the yarn up.

I probably shouldn't have, but I expected stripes.

So, I chose Vanilla Latte Socks -- meh!

Then I tried Pin Striped Socks. You couldn't really see the slipped stitches.

I'm going to stop fighting with the yarn.

The yarn has spoken.

It wants to be just a pair of stockinette socks with a slipped stitched heel.

And, I'm okay with that.

Friday, July 7, 2017

What's OFF My Needles

The first of the 15 projects is off the needles.

It's the smallest of the projects, but hey,
a finish is a finish and I'll take it.

I have quite a bit of kitchen cotton to use up.
It doesn't hurt my hands to knit with it, but it certainly doesn't slide off the needles like fine merino.

I'm thinking of using the scraps to make mitred squares
that would be joined together to make a bath mat.

You know --- waste not, want not, right?

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

What's On My Needles --- The Starting Line

There it all is.

The half-year starting line up.

FOURTEEN knitting projects and one cross stitch project.
Yes, cross-stitching friends . . . I DO still remember how to cross stitch.

Two books ---- one fiction, one non-fiction

One by one they shall ALL be done.

Here's closer-ups in case you wanted to see what things actually are.

Some of the projects are started,
some have yet to be cast on, but the pattern/yarn have been paired up.

As I suspected, I DID cast on the shop model shawl.
(Oh my golly ....the yarn is a-mazing!!!)

And .... in honor of our country's 241st birthday,
a red, "white" and blue square was added to the scrappy blanket.

Giroux says all this organizing really wears a guy OUT!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

What's On My Needles - Project 1

Get yourself a nice beverage.

Haul out your knitting.

Pull up a chair.

There's a lot to get through in the next few days.
There has been a rampant case of start-itis in these parts.

I'll start with project #1.

The yarn is:  The Fiber Seed Sprout in the colorway:  Stars and Stripes.

Pretty appropriate for the day, don't you think?

The pattern is Pin Striped Socks.
It's one of my "go to" patterns
and it's FREE!

There's a lot to love about FREE!

Monday, July 3, 2017

Kathy's Q & A

It's Monday and you know how THAT goes!

1.  This summer I have no . . .

House. I truly thought we would have found one by now and I'm not going to lie. It's a little frustrating. 

We are looking in a specific neighborhood of Jacksonville, and there are just not many houses listed and certainly not a lot in our price range. 

2.  My favorite state in the United States is. . . 

I'm sure this will not be a surprise to anyone . . . Pennsylvania.

3.  My favorite summer scent for lotion or soap is . . . 

Lilac followed closely by lavender.

4.  My favorite art, craft, state or county fair is . . . 

The best one I've ever been to is the Allentown State Fair in Allentown, PA. But, the Riverside Arts Market right here in Jacksonville is more accessible. It is every Saturday morning under the I-95 bridge along the St. Johns River. It's about a 1/2 mile walk from our apartment.

It's small, but it's fun for people watching and for buying locally grown or made items.

5.  What is the most number of times you have frogged a single skein of yarn?

Hmm...that's a hard one. It's probably a pretty high number ........7? Maybe more. I'm nothing if not persistent.

6.  No matter how hot it gets, I have to . . . 

Knit. The knitting NEVER stops.
This is Velvet Elvis. Giroux would like you to know he's NOT TOUCHING IT!
(At least not when I have eyeballs on him.)

7.  I enjoyed this comic strip as a kid . . .

Like an awful lot of people . . . Peanuts.

8.  The last thing I ate that was red, white and blue was?

Probably one of those rocket ice pops way back when the Good Humor man came through our neighborhood sometime in the sixties.

9.  If I could create a summer yarn and name it, it would be named?

I would name it Just Wait would be a mix of yellows, blues, greys and white. As the old saw goes .....if you don't like the weather  . . . Just Wait. In a Florida summer day we can be sun shiny one moment and thunderstorming the next. 

10.  Name the last drive in movie you saw.

Nicholas and Alexandra in 1971.

That's it for this week.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Independence Day!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

A Good Deal

We were down in St. Augustine today.

Having a little bit of time on our hands before meeting up with
some extended family for supper,
I stopped in at the only yarn shop left in the area.

I won't say it's the biggest or best stocked shop I've ever been in,
but I've never walked out empty handed
and today was no exception.

She had a very nice selection of Brittany sock needles
and I bought a set of size 1-1/2.
I do ♥ me a nice set of short sock needles.

These two fingering weight skeins also caught my attention
and managed to find their way into my stash.
The top is the colorway:  Island Time
The bottom is the colorway: Apple Orchard

I'm pretty sure they are both destined to be socks,
but you never know . . . maybe I'll get in a shawl or hat mood.

HOWEVER, that is not the BEST (or craziest) part of the story.

When I walked into the shop, the owner was speaking with a yarn rep. After asking if I was okay, she left me to shop. Some pleasantries about yarn were exchanged between the three of us, but mostly I shopped and she ordered yarn.

The rep left wishing us all a happy holiday, leaving behind three sample skeins of the Ella Rae yarn (a worsted, a DK, and a lace weight skein), all in the magenta colorway.

As I paid, the owner asked if I would like to give the lace weight a try. She told me to make anything that I liked, return it to the shop as a sample for a few months and then she would return it to me.

I explained to her that I don't get down that way often
and I had other things I wanted to finish.
I figured I wouldn't get anything finished before fall.

She was fine with that . 

She doesn't know my name.
She doesn't know where I live.
I paid for MY yarn in cash
and she is letting me walk out with a $25.00+ skein of yarn.

Her comment to me was . . . you've been in the shop before.

Well, yes that is true.

Maybe I have one of those faces you just trust.

I'm pretty sure this one WILL become a shawl
and I'm guessing it will probably be sooner rather than later.