Monday, February 13, 2017

Monday Q & A

It's my favorite post of the week,

1.  What is your favorite fiber or blend to knit?

I'm a terrible knitter. I don't really pay attention to the composition of the yarn I purchase. Yes, it HAS come back to bite me in the arse a few times.

For socks ---- I'm guessing a nice merino/nylon blend would be my favorite. A little stellina never hurts either!

2.  What is your favorite fiber to wear?

I agree with Kathy ---- cotton, especially a nice brushed cotton. My second favorite would be linen. I do ♥ a nice linen top.

3.  Have you seen someone on television that you know personally?

Yes ............recently our niece was on a television crime drama. I think it was on the Discovery Crime channel. She had a small part, but it was fun to see her. Laura recently moved from NYC to LA to further her acting career.

4.  Do you have a locket?

I do not. I have two necklaces that I wear ------the gold one is a sand dollar. The silver one is a Kokopelli.

5.  What is your favorite pizza topping?


6.  A box of Valentine candy is in front of you. Which candy do you pick?

The little Whitman man right in the center of the box. The Whitman man gets it FIRST! (Then the chocolate covered cherry goes next!)

7.  Is there a state you haven't visited that you would like to?


8.  What is the oldest thing in your wardrobe?

Me????  Hmmmmmm...that is a REALLY hard question, Kathy. It is probably one of my pairs of running shoes. ALL of my clothing is fairly new.  Maybe it's some underpants, I really don't know. I'll go with the shoes.

9.  When are you most likely to give up on a knitting project?

I give up after a few tries if I just can't make sense of the pattern. I had a shawl project that I could NEVER get the right number of stitches after the first repeat. I gave up on that one.

10.  Name one thing you love about your husband?

Steve is, without a doubt, the calmest man on the planet. 

So, there we are.
Another week of "getting to know you" has gone by.

Want to know more?

I have a new blog -----All JAXED Up!

Come on over and see what has me JAXED up this week.


  1. I give up too after a few tries! i want to like what I am doing. Your answers are great. Off to check off your new blog and post

  2. Great answers Dee. I love Kathy's Monday Q&A's.

  3. Now I want a spinach pizza ...

    Your new blog looks fab! Hooray!

  4. I have always wanted to visit Maine! It was fun to learn which are your top 2 chocolates from the box of Whitman's! lol I will visit your new blog now!

  5. Maine's on my list too. We got close a couple of times.

  6. I LOVE the big yellow box of chocolate. Whitman's is the best! I like the molasses chew best followed by the chocolate truffle.

  7. Love your answers and your new blog.

  8. Chocolate covered cherries are the best! When I give up on a project I hide it for awhile before I take it apart. I like your new blog, very nice.

  9. I had a fun read; surprised to see another blog show up! Here we go.........!

  10. I think Maine would be nice to visit too!

  11. I grew up in Maine, and it's a lovely place. Especially in the summer!